Why We Are Here

Our goal is simple: to help our clients elect leaders and champion causes that will set the country on a path toward social, economic, racial, and environmental justice. We’re building a sustainable resource to capitalize on that momentum for a generation.

November 9, 2016 changed everything for progressives. Some woke up with a brand new mission. Some made podcasts. Some ran for office. Some organized their communities. We created a new technology company.
The election made it clear we had failed to connect with the voting public, especially through digital media. To win, we needed to create a new kind of technology organization. One that would make an immediate impact and stay in the fight for the long haul. A group with a deep knowledge of past political lessons and the creativity to invent new platforms to win. A team to collect and deploy data in innovative ways, both ethical and effective; to defend objective facts. And we needed it fast.
Together, we assembled a diverse group of data analysts, advertisers, creatives, and political strategists. We took a clear-eyed look at the state of technology in the Democratic ecosystem. We found gaps to fill, long-held assumptions to rethink, and openings to launch innovations new to politics.
Since 2019, we’ve been putting our approach to the test: Helping elect a Democratic governor in Kentucky. Registering voters who turned the Virginia legislature solidly blue. Leading media initiatives for a groundbreaking presidential campaign. Developing a powerful and sophisticated technology infrastructure to win -- and win more.

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